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2 years ago

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My wife and have about ten years she was a nursing student at our local hospital and was hired by the trust for the maintenance and used to work in the hospital strange. We are both in their thirties. I'm James and she is Jacky. when we started dating, I felt different from all the other girls, she was a bit difficult and always flirts with all the others, especially those working in the room. When I saw her flirting with other guys always crocoporn turn to an inner feeling that I had never experienced before, and I liked to sit and really see what happens. become As our relationship, we have grown large sex partner, although it would have had little or no sexual inhibition, which was a great lover and always wanted sex, there were times when they suck cock in lunch, she even fucked the living room in the room. she loved. We get them all at the same time that day and my friend Chris to us, Chris wasa partner who also worked at the clinic, he was in his thirties, a tall, physical and sporting black, who crocoporn is about 6'2 and very friendly. We were all in the local pub, just outside the hospital, I went straight to the bar, while Jacky and Chris sat outside in the sun. Since the inverse i usual Jacky doing her thing and flirting with Chris, I found a real difference. As the beer flowed, we enjoyed it as our discussion revolved around sex, said Chris, as he had nt had done for some time, was Jack 's reaction to this, " What a big black man like crocoporn you" ? Great is the key word that I said to myself. After a couple of beers later, and since we have crocoporn all decided to head out of our house, Chris in tow, we arrived at our house, my life changed for the better..... Jacky and I were in the kitchen when she asked me to kiss passionately, when I started to trust my cock and told me he really needed it urgently, took my penis and then went and now suck my throbbieng tool. Chris was still in the lounge SA this time my heart beat as if it were all so bad, the excitement was unbelievable. Jacky continue jumping on the kitchen counter, I got to give now swollen pussy pussy slowly when I felt very hot and humid, arched her back, as I take my 8 " cock, depth in his mother's mouth as I could, really seemed to turn to this point, as the increasingly hot session, she whispered to Chris in the call, join us, so I did. Chris came into the kitchen to see Jackie on the kitchen counter, leaned back with his 34 " FF breasts are exposed for recording, I was between her legs deep into her pussy. Jacky crocoporn Chris came and kissed her when she began her long tongue made ​​of pink, to pinch the nipples until they meet crocoporn their 1 " fame. Jackie was actually as large black man was found fit to kiss the sight of them really sexy, then Chris started to undress. put your clothes quickly tohe was standing just inside the pants, you could see the shape crocoporn of his penis through his white crocoporn CK, looked very well and pulled out his throbbing cock excited today and it was huge, you must have the tail and 10 " long, was very smooth crocoporn with a stunning black hull, oozing pre-cum was. He jumped on the kitchen counter with Jackie and put his big black cock at the crocoporn opening of the mouth, since the pump it ' m now drenched pussy, sucking cock began to Chris ' wants, the foreskin back, exposing her helmot discharge, he wanted. the idea of his cock into my wife really turns me on and when I take a look at crocoporn the I could feel his mouth to shoot my load. while Chris got his dick sucked was rubbing my wife 's tits and then slipped crocoporn her hand into her pussy and plays with her clit while continuing to fuck her. was at this point that I held, full of life and Jacky kill my heavy load deep in hot pussy. my cock slipped from my spasmsWoman crocoporn and her puss
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